Brits cleaning hair in washing up liquid and fishing used tea bags out of bin

Brits cleaning hair in washing up liquid and fishing used tea bags out of bin

Brits have revealed the desperate lengths they go to when they run out of household essentials – such as cleaning their hair in washing up liquid and fishing used tea bags out of the bin.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults looked at the substitutions they are forced to make when they run out of everyday goods.

Four in 10 have turned to kitchen roll after using the last of their toilet tissue, one in 10 have used washing up liquid in place of shampoo, while seven per cent have replaced deodorant with air freshener.

And as we once again prepare to allow guests inside the house, one in 25 admitted to fishing a tea bag out of the bin to make a brew for a friend after realising they had no more left.

The research was carried out by new household management service Bother, which offers next day delivery of ‘boring basics’, using artificial intelligence to know what customers need and when.

Douglas Morton, CEO, Bother, said: “With the chance to have people back in our homes on the horizon, the nation’s eyes are turning to ensuring our cupboards are well-stocked for visitors.

“Some of the swaps people make when they realise they’ve run out definitely don’t sound like a great solution, especially when you have company.

“Rather than run out, it’s the right time to make sure you’ve got all your boring cupboard basics ready.

“After all, a quarter of us are worrying about making sure we have the right stuff in our cupboards for visitors.”

The study also found 87 per cent will find it odd when they welcome friends and family back into the home.

More than a third aren’t looking forward to having to make sure the house is clean and tidy all the time, while 31 per cent are struggling with deciding whether to hug, shake hands or elbow bump.

It also emerged toilet roll (71 per cent) is the product that Brits are most embarrassed about running out of when guests visit.

It is followed by milk or plant-based milk (31 per cent), tea bags (26 per cent), soap or handwash (25 per cent) and coffee (22 per cent).

And forgetting to pick up the boring basics on a supermarket run can cause arguments in households, with missing toilet roll the most likely to cause tension (28 per cent).

Other boring basics likely to cause a barney when you run out include tin foil or cling film (13 per cent), cooking oil (10 per cent), razors and razor blades (nine per cent), condoms (five per cent), and nappies or baby wipes (5 per cent).

Douglas Morton added: “We believe there’s a better way to shop for boring but important basics, meaning you can avoid braving the supermarket and put a stop to the frustration of having forgotten something yet again, all whilst doing your bit for the planet.”