Matthew Stafford: I’m very excited about playing for the Rams

Matthew Stafford: I’m very excited about playing for the Rams

Matthew Stafford is engaged in his first offseason program on a new team for the first time he was a rookie.

Pictures and videos released from the Rams on social media have shown Stafford dropping back and throwing passes to his new teammates from the team’s facility in Southern California. And while Stafford has experienced success since entering the league as the first overall pick of the 2009 draft, expectations are high for the Rams in 2021.

In an interview with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Stafford said it’s been a while since he was this excited going into a season.

“We had some good teams in Detroit, and I’m excited every single year because I love playing this game,” Stafford said. “But those years we made the playoffs, I thought we had good teams. But I’m very excited about playing for this team, the Rams organization. I’m excited about trying to get to know these guys. To win as consistently as the Rams have won in the last four or five years, you’ve got to have good people. You can’t just have good players and good coaches. It’s a really fun thing for me to be a part of, just trying to immerse myself in the team.”

The Rams traded for Stafford with the hope that he’ll be able to put them over the top after quarterback Jared Goff‘s constant turnovers over the last two years. If Stafford works out, Los Angeles should be one of the most competitive teams in the NFC.